Sacred Oak Circle

Sacred Oak Circle

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Sacred Oak Circle is my personal ministry.  My goal is to empower people to walk a spiritual path that will bless themselves, and their community. 

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki ®  Master Teacher...I provide reiki sessions and one-on-one training.  Holy Fire Reiki is a powerful evolution of reiki that is life changing.  Training follows the ICRT syllabus.
Oneness Blessings...The Oneness Blessing is an imparting of divine grace that jumps starts your spiritual development and awakening.  It's a true honor to offer this blessing free of charge.  I am also blessed and empowered to give the Golden Orb Deeksha face-to-face.  

The Moola Mantra is a powerful mantra that comes from the Oneness Blessing movement.

Learn about it's meaning here.